Banalata Sen

A thousand years I have wandered upon the earth, from the sea of Ceylon to the midnight sea of Malay.
Much have I wandered; in the grey lands of Wimvisar and Asoka, there have I been; and to the dark, distant town of Vidarva.
Tired of this life, this foaming sea of life, I found peace for a while with Banalata Sen of Natore.
Her hair is dark as the nights of far Vidisha, her face the architecture of Saraswati.
As the rudderless pilot, drifting and lost on distant sea, sees the island of cinnamon trees and grass below, So have been her darkness, who asked me: 'Where have you been so long away?'
This she asked raising her bird-nest eyes, Banalata Sen of Natore.

~ A poem by Rabindranath Tagore

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