The Astronomer

I only said, "When in the evening the round full moon gets entangled among the beaches of that Dadam tree, couldn't somebody catch it?"
But dada laughed at me and said, "Baby, you are the silliest child I have ever known. The moon is ever so far from us,
how could anybody catch it?"
I said, "Dada, how foolish you are! When mother looks out of her window and smiles down at us playing, would you call her far away?"
Still dada said, "You are a stupid child! But, baby where could you find a net big enough to catch the moon with?"
I said, "Surely you could catch it with your hands."
But dada laughed and said, "You are the silliest child I have known. If it came nearer, you would see how big the moon is."
I said, "Dada, what nonsense they teach at your school!
When mother bends her face down to kiss us, does her face look very big?"
But still dada says, "You are a stupid child."

~ A poem by Rabindranath Tagore

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